Lesvos: More Than Just Another Greek Island

Molyvos, LesvosThe lush, green island of Lesvos, or Mytilini as it is also called, is like no other Greek island and perhaps no other place in the world. It is the third largest of the islands in Greece behind Crete and Evia. Virtually unaffected by the mass tourism that has turned other islands into amusement parks, Lesvos is the perfect place to visit for people who want to experience the real Greece. For the Greek Island traveler who is worried about not having enough to do, Lesvos is the perfect destination with amazing food, beautiful beaches, pine and hardwood forests, rivers and over a million olive trees ... continue reading my introduction to Lesvos

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Towns and Areas of Lesvos

Molyvos, Lesvos

Mytilini, Lesvos

Skala Eressos, Lesvos

Sigri, Lesvos

Vatera, Lesvos

Petra, Lesvos

Agiassos, Lesvos

Kaloni, Lesvos

Plomari Beach

Antissa, Lesvos

Gulf of Yera

Panayotis of Xidira

Things to See and Do in Lesvos

Lesvos beach

Vatousa Restaurant
Restaurant Guide

Hot Springs, Eftalou, Lesvos
Spas and Thermal Baths

Castle in Lesvos
Castles & Ancient Sites

Ag Ermogenis Beach, Lesvos
Beach Photos

Molyvos, Lesvos
Molyvos Photo Album

Vatousa, Lesvos
Traditional Villages

River in Lesvos
Rivers, Ponds and Pools

Castle of Mithymna, Lesvos
Mithymna Castle

Lesvos birds
Birdwatching 1

Skala Eressos, Lesvos
Eressos Photo Album

Molyvos, Lesvos
A Hot Day in Molyvos

Petrified Forest, Lesvos
Petrified Forest

Stork in Lesvos
Birdwatching 2

Monastery, Lesvos
Monasteries & Churches

Museum in Mesa

Lesvos by Bicycle
Lesvos By Bicycle

Theophilos the Painter

Roman Aquaduct of Moria
Roman Aquaduct

Sanctuary of Mesa
Sanctuary of Mesa

Helpful Info and Services in Lesvos

Blue Star Ferry
Getting to Lesvos

Hotel Seahorse, Molyvos
Hotels in Lesvos

Sigrion Villas, Lesvos
Houses and Villas

Sappho Travel in Lesvos
Travel Agents

Remezzo's in Sigri
Food of Lesvos

Ouzo in Lesvos

Sardeles Pastes
Sardeles Pastes

Loriet Hotel, Lesvos
The Loriet Hotel

Lesbian Food Photos 1

Sardines grilled
Lesbian Food Photos 2

Lesvos historical photo
History and Mythology

Rental cars in Lesvos
Car Rental

Aphrodite Beach Hotel, Lesvos
Booking.com Lesvos Page

Turkey Excursion Boat
 Day Trips to Turkey

Lesvos buses
Bus Schedules

Donkey treks in Lesvos
Donkey Treks

Agia Paraskevis Horse races
Horse Races

House for Sale, Lesvos
Lesvos Real Estate

Sailing, Lesvos
Sailing in Lesvos

Methymnaos Winery, Lesvos
Wine Tours

Joanna Karvelas:
Opera Singer

Skalahori Women's Cooperative
Skalahori Woman's Cooperative

Map of Lesvos
Map of Lesvos

 Eressos Women's festival, Lesvos
Eressos Women's Festival

See my 2013 Photos of Lesvos. They may inspire you to book your ticket today!

Support the People of Lesvos: Visit Lesvos

Amarandi in Sigri, LesvosYou have read about the flow of refugees coming to Greece, many of them landing on the island of Lesvos. The people of Lesvos have been helping the refugees, rescuing many at sea, giving them warm clothes and food as soon as they come ashore, and assisting them on getting to the administration centers in Mytilini so they can be registered and continue their long journey to the rest of Europe. You can support the people of Lesvos in a couple ways. You can donate to organizations like The Starfish Foundation who have been helping refugees from the very beginning. Or you can come to Lesvos and visit what I think is the most beautiful island in Greece, where you can eat, drink, swim and if you feel like it volunteer to help. Because of the negative press international tour and cruise companies have abandoned the island, which is silly. Lesvos is as beautiful and enjoyable as ever and the people of Lesvos don't deserve to suffer economic hardship because they have chosen to assist refugees instead of turning a blind eye. So consider Lesvos as the island to visit this summer and support the people who are actually helping the refugees. And bring some extra clothes to leave for them!

Starfish Foundation: Help for Refugees in Molyvos

Starfish Foundation, LesvosIn the last few months many people have e-mailed me asking how they can help the refugees arriving in Lesvos. Some want to send money. Some want to send clothes. Others want to go to Lesvos and lend a hand. But most have no idea where to begin. The Starfish Foundation is an organization that is run by the people who have been helping the refugees from the day they began arriving on the island. Founded by Melinda McRostie, owner of the Captain's Table restaurant in Molyvos, the group greets arrivals on the shore, gives them warm clothing and food and helps them get oriented and then assists them in getting to the refugee centers in Mytilini so they can get registered and continue on their journey to Europe. For those who want to know how they can help you can visit the Starfish Foundation or contact them by e-mail.

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Matt's Suggested Lesvos Itinerary: If this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip this itinerary will enable you to see as much of Lesvos as possible in a short time.

Hyphenology is an educational program for kids from 14 to 18 on the island of Lesvos. It combines academic excellence with cultural enrichment, an exclusive teaching faculty and a diverse student body, to provide participants with a unique and unforgettable summer experience.

Come to the Metochi Monastery, built in the 16th Century, for seminars and classes on the issues of  living on our planet, hosted by the University of Agder in Norway and taught in English.
Easter on Lesvos: Celebrate Orthodox Easter with the family of the Hotel Aphrodite Beach in Vatera. Experience the most beautiful and important of Greece's holidays in a small village while at the same time learning to make (and eat) some of the traditional Easter foods. You won't be just a spectator. You will be a participant and it culminates in a lamb roast on Easter Sunday.

Check out Sailing in Lesvos for daytrips and multi-day trips around the island and to other islands. George and Costas will make sure you have the most exciting and interesting holiday of your life. They can also combine sailing with scuba-diving, hiking, fishing, sea-kayaking and culinary tours of the island.

Recommended Books about Lesvos: These books will enhance your visit to Lesvos and preserve your memories after you leave

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