The Roman Aquaduct at Moria

One of the most impressive archaeological sites, not to mention engineering feats of antiquity, the Roman Aquaduct at Moria may be hard to find, but once found, not easily forgotten. In Roman times the aquaduct supplied Mytilini with water from the springs near Agiassos 26 kilometers away. Called the Kamares, the aquaduct was built of grey marble from Lesvos and in the last few years much of it has been restored and there is still work going on as you can see from the scafolding and the marble blocks. To find it take the turn-off for Moria from either the Gulf of Gera road to Mytilini or the Eastern Coastal road and follow the signs. You can click on these photos to see them larger.

roman-aquaduct01.jpg roman-aquaduct010.jpg roman-aquaduct02.jpg roman-aquaduct03.jpg roman-aquaduct05.jpg
roman-aquaduct06.jpg roman-aquaduct07.jpg roman-aquaduct08.jpg roman-aquaduct09.jpg roman-aquaduct11.jpg

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