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Lesvos: More Than Just Another Greek Island
Matt's Best of Lesvos Itinerary

Vatera beach, LesvosLesvos is a large and beautiful island with lots to see. That is why when you stay in one place you end up just seeing the stuff in that area and missing everything else. Many people come back year after year, mostly Europeans since it is much easier for them, and eventually they see the entire island. But what if this is your once in a lifetime trip to Lesvos?

With those people in mind I have put together the Once-in-a-lifetime Lesvos Itinerary that will help you make the most of your holiday. I have made it a ten day trip but feel free to add or subtract days. You can book this on your own since I have included links to the hotels, though I suggest you fill out the form and let a travel agent put this together for you which should not cost much more and which will keep things running more smoothly.

Day 1: Arrive in Lesvos on the overnight ferry from Athens or at the airport from your home country, probably with a connection in Athens. You will be met at the airport by a driver or the person delivering your rental car. I suggest you use the driver and have the car delivered to your hotel on day two or three. That morning you will explore the marketplace of Mytilini, see the Castle, and then drive to Vatera, the longest beach in Lesvos where you will stay at the Hotel Aphrodite Beach, a beautiful family run hotel with a pool and taverna, right on the beach. Spend the rest of the day at the beach and have dinner at the hotel taverna or one of the many others nearby.
Day 2: Spend the day at the beach unwinding. You can have lunch at the Akroyiali Fish Taverna at Ag Fokas, one of the best restaurants on Lesvos. Or you can go to the nearby beach town of Nifida and have lunch at Grigoris Fish Taverna, probably the best restaurant on the island. Dinner at the hotel or else you may want to return to one of the two above tavernas if you can convince someone to be your designated driver.
Day 3: Visit the mountain town of Agiassos, one of the holiest villages in all of Greece, with its many shops selling traditional ceramics and carved wooden items as well as cheese and other traditional foods. It is also known for having some of the best ouzo cafeneons on the island for meze (ouzo snacks). Stop at the gushing spring of Karini with its traditional shops and oasis-like atmosphere You can also visit Plomari, the ouzo capital of Lesvos, if not all of Greece, and swim at the beautiful beaches there. Stop at the Barbayiannis Ouzo Museum or one of Plomari's famous ouzeri's for a snack and an ouzo before driving back to Vatera for a quiet dinner at the hotel or a visit to the nearby traditional village of Vrissa.
Day 4: Moving day! After breakfast and a swim get on the road around the Gulf of Kaloni, stopping at the ancient site of Mesa to see the ruins, and then the town of Skala Kaloni to see the sardine fishing fleet, wander around and have lunch before stopping for a visit at the Limionos Monastery. Then over the mountain to the historical town of Molyvos where Achilles once besieged the castle. Check in to the Hotel Seahorse, right in the harbor (or you can stay at a hotel on the beach if you like). Have a swim at the town beach, come home and nap, then shower and explore the shops and cafes of the medieval town and visit the castle. Have dinner in the harbor at The Captain's Table or one of the other excellent restaurants in the town and then drinks at the famous Molly's Bar meeting local x-pats and other travelers before going to bed.
Day 5: Visit the Hot Springs of Eftalou and the famous Red Beach and have lunch at the excellent Eftalou Taverna. Continue on to the village of Skala Sikaminia, known for its small harbor church made famous from the book The Mermaid Madonna. Return to Molyvos after a swim and once again explore the town and its restaurants and nightlife.
Day 6: Take a boat excursion to one of the beautiful beaches nearby or to Rabbit Island. Or visit the nearby town of Petra with its Meteora-like Monastery of Our Lady of the Sweet Kiss and its many shops, restaurants and long beach complete with sun-beds and showers.
Day 7: Moving Day. After breakfast drive through the village of Skalahori and then to the village of Vatousa where you turn off the main road to the remote village of Xidira for a visit to the Iakovidis Digital Art Museum and the Methymnaos Winery. Then got for a swim at the remote beach of Campo Antissa, then lunch at Kosta's, a small traditional restaurant in the valley or the excellent taverna in the village of Yiota. Stop in the beautiful central square of Antissa for coffee and then to the Perivoli Monastery to see its frescos, and then continue to Skala Eressos to check into your hotel and have a swim on the long sandy beach there. That night have dinner on one of the many great fish tavernas like Blue Sardine, right on the beach or a drink or two at one of the cafe/bars.
Day 8: Spend the day at the beach or exploring the valley, feeding the turtles in the river. You can visit the town of Sigri for lunch at the famous Cavo d Oro fish taverna, and a swim at any of the amazing beaches in the area. You can also visit the Petrified Forest of Lesvos and the museum and also stop at the dramatic Ypsilou Monastery, built in 1101. Return to Skala Eressos for dinner and drinks and partying or go to the outdoor cinema.
Day 9: By now some of you will want to wake up and go to the real estate office and find a house to buy. The rest can visit the 17th century Monastery of Pithari on an enormous man-made lake high in the mountains. Then go to the beach town of Tavari for a swim and lunch. Or you may just want to stay with the others who decided to just hang out at the beach and have a nice lunch.
Day 10: Time to go home. Too bad but to make the best of it stop at the famous Rena's (otherwise known as Tryfon's) in Vatousa for coffee and then see the traditional village and its two beautiful cathedrals and the small platia of the upper village. In the small grocery story in the square there are delicious home-made traditional sweets which make the perfect gift for friends at home or to eat on the way. (I recommend their rice-pudding) Then continue your journey to the site of Ancient Phyrra with its submerged city. There is not much to see but it is the site of Nondas' Fish taverna, one of the best in Lesvos, right on the sea. After lunch continue your trip to Mytilini and stop at the Roman Aquaduct at Moria, one of the most impressive sites on the island. Continue into Mytilini and those going home on the evening ferry can have a swim off the platforms below the Statue of Liberty, while those flying home can stop at the Theofilos Museum or have a swim right by the airport.

Add-ons: I would suggest adding a day and spending a night in Mytilini at the Blue Sea Hotel and doing the one day excursion to Avalik, Turkey. Another option is adding a day or so and staying in Sigri.

Sound like fun? If you fill out this form then Fantasy Travel can help you put this together and give you a price which you are under no obligation to buy.

You can also book this on your own by using the links to the hotels and car rental agencies I have provided or by using the Lesvos Page Greece Travel Banner

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