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Houses and Property for Sale on Lesvos

Click on the links for more information and then use the form to contact the agent selling the house. I will be adding more properties as I get them so check back from time to time.
For information on Sappho Estate Real estate agency in Lesvos click here.
For information on the various towns and communities of Lesvos see

For Information on Purchasing these houses or others
please use this form

House for sale, lesvos
Eressos . House . ERE 0080
Price: 280.000

for sale, lesvos house
Eressos House: ERE 0079
Price: 50.000

Land for sale, Lesvos
Eressos Land: ERE 0078
Price: 150.000

Eressos House: ERE 0063
Price: 220.000

Eressos House ERE0009
Price: 170.000

Eressos House & Land KAM 0006
: 150.000

Andissa Commercial
GAV 001
: 100.000

Skalochori  House  LKL0001
Price: 80.000

Eressos House ERE 0026
Price: 85.000

Skala Eressos  House & Land,Commercial . SKE0005
Price: 250.000 euro

Eressos House & Land ERE0001
Price: 65.000

Eressos House ERE 0027
Price: 100.000

Eressos House ERE0035
: 60.000

Kalloni Land Commercial KAL0001
Price: 85.000

Skala Eressos House SKE0006
Price: 165.000

Skala Eressos House SKE0008
Price: 180.000

Sigri  House  SIG 0011

: 180.000 euro

Eressos House ERE 0025
Price: 40.000

Kalloni House KAL 0002
Price: 350.000

Eressos  House & Land  
KAM 0025
: 70.000

Eressos House  ERE0024

: 260.000

Eressos  House  ERE0017
:  65.000

Eressos  House & Land
KAM 0027
: 50.000

House in Molyvos, Lesvos for Sale
Molyvos House &
Land MOL 2001

Skala Eressos House & Land KAM 0024
: 250.000

house, lesvos
Eressos House & Land: KAM 0026

Eressos land for sale
Eressos House & Land: ERE 0073
Price: 115.000

House in Eressos, Lesvos
Skala Eressos House & Land: KAM 0034

For Information on Purchasing these houses or others please use this form

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