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There are many beaches on the island of Lesvos, of all shapes and sizes. Some are busy with activity and watersports, from jet-skis to windsurfing, while others are deserted, even in the summer. This is just a small sampling. There are many more. See also Matt's Newer Lesvos Beach Photos

The best beach in Lesvos, if not all of Greece is Skala Eressos . If you have kids this is the place to be especially around sunset.

Looking west is the main part of the beach. Beyond the umbrellas people bathe nude. There is also a lake full of turtles.

The town beach at Molyvos is not bad as town beaches go. The sea is usually calm and it is sandy and shallow. The view of the castle is great from the water. There are free showers and changing rooms.

Within walking distance of Molyvos are the beaches of Eftalou, near the hot springs .There are a variety of pebble beaches and several restaurants. There are showers and changing rooms and of course the miracle working hot springs.

The beach of Tavari, below Mesotopos is sandy and shallow. There are a few cafes and a fishing harbor and it stays pretty empty until August when the Athenians come.

Petra is a big resort style beach with rental umbrellas, beach chairs, showers, changing stations and a line of restaurants, not to mention the entire village of Petra.

Beyond the Eftalou Baths is Golden beach with a cafe and rooms to rent. Many people staying in Molyvos come here on the bus.

The city beach in Mytilini is the only pay beach on the island. There are changing rooms, a cafe-bar, strong showers and on hot summer days, plenty of people. Great if you are waiting for the ferry.

The beach at Baloutsas is usually totally empty, mainly because you can easily destroy your car getting there. But if you have a jeep it's worth a visit. You can find it by following the signs on the dirt road between Anaxos and Skalahori.

This beach near Kalo Limani we were unable to find out the name of but it is easily recognized because there are only two structures on it. On one side of the beach is a small church and on the other is a camper trailer. So we called it Trailer Park Beach. It's near Skalahori. The locals call it Salvarados.

Just beyond Petra is the beach village of Anaxos. It's a resort style beach with hotels, restaurants and bars with swimming pools.

On the road to Filia from Anaxos is a turn-off to the beach settlement called Tsichranda. There are a coupe cafes and rooms to rent and a long clean beach.

The long and usually empty beach at Campo Antissa is one of my favorites. The beach itself is rocky but it gives way to soft sand a few meters into the water. There is a turtle pond here too. Very secluded and even more so if you walk west.

If you are swimming naked keep in mind that you may have an occasional visitor. To get to Campo Antissa take the Gavatha exit on the road to Eressos, just beyond the Perivoli Monastery. No hotels here but you can drive here in an hour from anywhere.

The beach at Gavatha below Antissa is quite beautiful but used to suffer from an inferiority complex. The problem was the seaweed that got deposited in mounds on the shore with certain currents. The problem is solved and Gavatha is as nice as any beach on the island.

The beaches at Ancient Antissa are rocky and generally shallow. Surrounded by farms and green fields there are also a few tavernas with fresh fish and cold beer. Coming from Campo Antissa you have to ford a river in your car. It's no big deal for the car and the kids love it.

The beach at Sigri is long, sandy and shallow. It's in a sheltered bay and there are some tourist facilities. Nice view of the castle from the beach. Great for families with children.

Most of the people who come to Sigri are the remnants of the British package tours, which have gone elsewhere. Nice restaurants, cafes and village. Plenty of cheap hotel rooms too.

The enormous sheltered bay of Kaloni has several beaches. The most popular is the beach at Skala Kaloni which is a resort style with umbrellas, beach chairs, cafes and restaurants. And where else can you spend the day hanging out with a pelican. 

The beaches of Agios Isodoros near Plomari are sandy but they sit upon a rocky shelf that makes for entertaining snorkling. The sea is open and subject to waves but the majority of the time it is fantastic swimming.

The endless beach at Vatera is over seven kilometers long and is one of the most impressive in the Greek islands. There is a section that is semi developed with a hotel or two and some cafes but it's pretty easy to find solitude here, no matter when you go.

How many places in the world can you get off your 737 jet, walk through the terminal, cross the street and go swimming at a beach with a fish taverna next to it? This beach by the airport outside Mytilini town makes any flight delays bearable or even desirable.

Tsichlioda beach on the dirt road between Sigri and Eressos is remote and beautiful but you better drive carefully. There are a couple bumps that can do a number on a small car.

Faneromeni beach is a couple kilometers north of Sigri, easy to get to by car and wild when the wind blows from the North. On really hot days on Lesvos it is often cooler here.

There are numerous beaches in the Gulf of Yera. The sea is usually shallow and the views are gorgeous. This one is beyond Perama.

Petra is the beach at Avlaki which is small but within walking distance of the town and a few other small beaches. There is a very nice Taverna there.

The beach at Agios Ermoyennis near Mytilini could be the most beautiful beach of all. It is small and gets crowded in August and on weekends.

The beach called Kagia is east of Skala Sikaminias and there are daily boats there from the Sea Horse Hotel in Molyvos. I have seen Dolphins swimming here.

There are plenty more beaches but you get the idea. If you are the type who thinks he might get bored going to the same beach every day then Lesvos is for you.

See also Matt's Newer Lesvos Beach Photos

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