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Lesvos food is both simple and sophisticated and the island is known for having some of the best cooking in Greece. Perhaps it is because of the abundance of fish or the fact that Lesvos is blessed with land that brings forth fresh, natural and nutritious plants and livestock. Maybe it is because of the olive-oil that has been called the best in Greece. Perhaps it is the island's proximity to Turkey where the Aeolian Greeks were known for their creativity in the kitchen. Whatever the reason Lesvos is known as the Land of Gastronomy. Here are some of the foods you will find in the restaurants there.

Fresh fish from the Eftalou Taverna

Lakerda is like sushi but better. This is from Kostas in Campo Antissa

Young fresh sardines deep-fried from Medusa in Skala Kaloni

Grilled sardines in lemon and oil sauce topped with parsley from Medusa

Bread fresh from Yannis' oven in the village of Vatousa

Beets with garlic sauce (skordala) from Medusa

Grilled octopus from Medusa

Zucchini flowers stuffed with cheese and deep-fried

Fresh Mussels from Adonis in Skala Eressos

Fresh clams from Remezzo's in Sigri

Fried Kalamarakia (Squid) from Adonis

Fresh green beans with lemon and oil from Adonis

Fried shrimp from Medusa

Fresh marinated anchovies (gavros) from Limanaki fish taverna by the airport in Mytilini.

Fava beans in oil with oregano from Aglaia's in Xidera. Try this. I bet you will like it.

Kolokithia and Melitsanes (squash and eggplant) fried and served with cheese and sadziki (garlic sauce)

Can't forget Sardeles Pastes from Medusa

And this is just what we eat for lunch. For dinner there is all kinds of fish and lamb, pork and chicken cooked on the grill and all those dishes you know like Mousaka, pastitsio, dolmades.... and of course you can get macaroni with sauce, beefteki (like a hamburger) and souvlakia to keep the kids happy.

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