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Car Rentals on Lesvos

Suzuki Grand Vitara rent a carHaving a car is not essential. But it will add another dimension to your trip by enabling you to discover all that Lesvos has to offer. With a car you can follow the smaller roads to hidden coves and beaches, traditional villages and the hundreds of other places there are to go on this magnificent island.

You can rent by the day, the week or the month. Most of the cars are standard but some companies do have automatics available. Generally my philosophy with renting cars on the island is small is better. Some of the roads that lead through the village are quite narrow and the smaller the car, the more leeway you have. Though gas is expensive, the cars here don't need much of it and you won't go broke. As for driving on the island, if you are a good driver and enjoy driving you will love it. The roads are quite entertaining, as mountain roads tend to be, and they are in good shape. The only dangers are other drivers but if you drive defensively you will have no trouble. If you are prone to drifting and absent-mindedness, preferring straight lines to curves then you should take the buses or taxis. Jeeps are fun if you don't mind being in the sun all day long and they can take you where other cars can't. With miles and miles of dirt backroads that are a step up from donkey paths a jeep can get you to some interesting places. If you have a big family there are vans. Remember to always use seat-belts.

Car Rental Agencies on Lesvos

For renting a car in Athens and bringing it on the ferry I recommend Fantasy Car Rental or Swift Rent-a-Car. For renting a car on Lesvos I recommend Aegean Thesaurus Car Rentals who rent cars all over Greece.

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