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Anaxos, Lesvos

Five minutes from Petra is the small village of Anaxos, with a nice stretch of beach with lots of tavernas and a view of Molyvos. Anaxos is a former resort town with several outdoor swimming pools for public use. Well, not exactly public use but if you buy a drink you and your kids can hang out there all day. The pools are salt water however, as are many of the pools on the island so if you are looking for the wonderful clorinated water you are familiar with then you should probably ask before you dive in. At one time Anaxos was a popular destination for package tourists and it still pretty much has that feel, but there are lots of individuals and even some people who like it so much that they come back every year though I generally skip a year or so between visits. The beach can be crowded on weekends when locals from the surrounding villages come, like the beach at Petra, but if you like people that should not be a problem. Unless of course you don't like people in which case you you can rent cars, bikes and motorbikes in Anaxos and there are some coves and beaches along the coast where most tourists don't even know about. But actually in the last few years Anaxos has seen less tourism, which to the merchants of Anaxos is not a good thing, but for people like me, and maybe you, who prefer quiet places to touristy places, Anaxos may be just the place you are looking for. A place that used to be touristy but isn't anymore, like Sigri. And if you have kids there are few places in Greece that are better.

Anaxos, Lesvos

Hotels in Anaxos

For self-catering your best bet is the Bird's Bay Seaside Homes, which as the name suggests, are right on the sea, and have full kitchens and are like having your own house on a Greek island. If you want to stay in nearby Anaxos you can find rooms for thirty euros at the family run Annessis Studios and the family-run Paradise Studios offers self-catering accommodation 300 metres away from the beach for under twenty! But if you want to be a few steps from the beach and have a pool then be prepared to shell out at least 30 euros for a double at Virginia Studios. (In other words hotels in Anaxos are really cheap. So is Petra actually) You can find more hotels at's Anaxos Page

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