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Wetlands of Lesvos

Ponds and Streams in Lesvos

Lesvos is blessed with more water then most of the other Aegean islands and therefore is rich in agriculture as well as wetlands. These are photos of some of the ponds, rivers and tidalpools. In spring and summer they are still full of water and wildlife, including turtles, frogs, snakes, birds and whatever other animals come by for a drink. We allways save our extra bread to feed the turtles when we come upon one of these pools.

River basin at Ancient Antissa.

Remma at Campo Antissa

River at Skala Erressos (facing the sea)

River at Skala Erresos (facing the mountains)

Tidal Pool in Western Skala Kaloni

Frog in Skala Eressos

Pool near Moni Perivoli

Turtle pond near Skalahori

Spring in Karini

Rare Karinian duck

Tidal pool in West Skala Kaloni

Stork in river bed at Skala Eressos

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