The Heart of Vatousa

Tryphonos runs the old cafeneon in the platia. He serves mostly ouzo and coffee and delicious mezedes. But the un-sung hero is his wife Irini, who cooks the main dishes at home then brings them up to be seved as meals for lunch and dinner.
Pavli is the former mayor of Vatousa, as well as a former resident of Astoria New York. Among other things he brought water to the village and renovated the upper platia, bringing back the cobblestone streets. Some say his home-made ouzo and wine is the best in the village.
Dimitri is another former mayor. Along with making major policy decisions for the village, his duties included watering the plants and trees and collecting the garbage twice a week.
Mitsos and his brother Nikos do a  job called Mistrisma or 'pointing', which is filling in the cracks between the stones of the houses. They are following the footsteps of their father Theocletos  who still stops by to visit when they work on various houses and buildings.
Spiros is a stone mason and a hard worker whose dream is to go to America and make a lot of money.

Yannis Manoukas is a mover and shaker of the village. He lives in Athens where he published his magazine 'The Heartbeat of Vatoussa'.

Christos is a shepard who used to be a waitor in Santorini. He now waits tables at Michalis in the lower platia.
Bobbis is the mailman, not only for Vatoussa but for Sigri, Antissa and Xidera. The Vatoussa post office is only open for 2 hours a day in the morning. He is also the resident expert on Rembetika Music and NBA Basketball and a well known local artist whose work can be seen in the Gogo Museum.
Irini runs the supermarket with Michalis and Marios, who also have the basement breadshop.
Thanks to Savas, crime has been virtually eliminated in Vatousa and the surrounding villages.

Michalis owns the restaurant in the lower platia, the place to be with the boys on Saturday night or on Sunday night when the men take their wives out, a modern Vatoussa custom.
His mother is the cook. Like most restaurants on the island, his is family run. His brother works there too.

Kosta the locksmith uses the traditional olive tree method

Yannis is one barber.He also sells newspapers and
takes pictures at important village events.

Savas is the other.

Michalis is the plumber and used to live in Australia
Michalis has been called the most valuable man in the village. He goes to the pharmacy in Antissa to fill prescriptions for the old people.
Adonis Karvelas was the youngest judge in the history of Greece and gave it up to manage the career of his wife.... 

...Joanna Karvelas (left), the well known opera singer.

Panayotis is not only a skilled craftsman and builder but he is one of the islands finest  rembetika singers.

This 1960 VW may be the village's most valuable antiquity, owned by Takis who printed the Athens News for 25 years.
Yorgos can probably get you from the airport in Mytilini to Vatousa faster than any man alive. He has been making the trip since the fifties and when the other taxi drivers see his big deisel Mercedes in their rear view mirror, they respectfully move aside. If you need a taxi call (01130) 2 535-1219
Afroula owns the other Pantapoleon next to Yannis the Barber.
Dimitri is one of many carpenters in the village. If something is not made of stone chances are it is made of wood.
Michali is Tryphon's brother and a builder.
Renoula and Rafael are cousins. Rafael lives in the village. Renoula comes from the city (Mytilini) to spend summers with their grandmother.
Father Dimitri was the former priest of the village. He died this past winter
Yannis owns the Pantapoleon in the main platia

Irini works in the mayor's office. 
Some say she should be the next mayor.
Michalis has the woodshop in the upper platia, right next to the cafeneon...

..which he and his father own.
Stellios came to the island from Athens to work at the electric company. He retired in Vatoussa where his wife is from. "I could not spend one hour in Athens now. I love it here." 
Yorgos works for Tryphon, his father, as a waitor.
Mitsos has the important job of ringing the church bells on Sundays and religious holidays. He is also a very fine singer
Antigoni studies English and works at her father's BP station.
Some people say Mitsos is the best dancer in the village
Maria is the offical guide and curator of the Gogo museum.
Mr. Vassilli owns the periptero and the donkey that sleeps outside my window in the lot next door.
Petros has sheep and a garden and sells vegetables in the upper platia next to Mr. Vassili's periptero.
This is Tryphon's mom bringing us a bag of trachana which is a village staple made from wheat and sheep's milk.
Fotis Karvelas is perhaps the finest portrait painter in Greece. His work is in the Gogo Museum
Tom-Tom is the unoffical village mascot and spends most of his summertime in the cafeneons but winters in Athens

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