Life in Vatousa

Michalis Restaurant is like an art gallery

Buying vegetables in the platia

Petros grows the worlds largest radishes

People come from as far as Skalahori for a shave from Savas...

...but all the way from America for a shave from Yannis


The world record for stacking bales of hay on a truck

Lunch  may signal the end of work for the day.

Bobis the postman takes a break

When his wife stops in for a visit

Yannis plays solitaire at Michalis

"This one is pefect for my cat"

Tryphon works wonders in his tiny kitchen

Sometimes a simple offer of peponi at Tryphons...

...can turn into a very special afternoon with Bobbis


...and of course Mitzo

while some make orzo one by one

others walk their goats in the setting sun...

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