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Women's Cooperatives in Lesvos


The Skalahori
Women's Cooperative of
Traditional and Local Products

There are several reasons to visit the village of Skalahori on the road to Skala Eressos. There is a minaret left over from the Turkish occupation that if you are brave you can climb into. The town itself is a traditional village with stone houses and streets, several cafeneons and businesses which cater to the local people who are mostly farmers, shepherds and retirees. Few tourists come to Skalahori despite the fact that it is the closest town to ancient Antissa as well as several remote and secluded beaches. But it is a wonderful place to stop for a cold drink at one of the cafeneons in the giant platanos-shaded square and even a snack or a light meal. There is also the nearby turtle pond on the road to Molivos where many people stop to let their children throw bread to the ravenous terrapins.

There is a small shop well worth visiting if you are in the area. It is the Woman's Cooperative of Traditional and Local Products located by the church in the main platia of the town. If you vist the shop you will find the women, and sometimes their children, hard at work, decorating traditonal cookies and sweets, packaging trachana, and labeling the large variety of preserved fruits, local olives, olive oil, marzipans, herbs and spices, vinegear and all sorts of items you won't find in the supermarkets and tourist shops of the more popular villages. If you are looking for a unique gift to bring home with you or if you want to spend your holiday living like the locals and want to stock up on supplies then stop in for a visit.

Making Mice Cookies

Local Olive Oil

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Herb Vinegar

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