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Mythology and Dance

"I was born as a dancer in Lesvos-island of Orpheus- the chorodramas and dances. For my parents, sisters and brothers dancing was as normal as breathing, like day and night, like the seasons, like life.

My mother showed me the waves of the sea and taught me to dance like they do. She brought me to the ancient stone circles, where I still go, in the middle of the old olive wood, some where in the world, but especially on my islands, together with people who want to dance with me, circles of strength, the rhythm of the earth and harmony.

When I was 5 years old my father took me with him to travel all over Greece. We were dancing on the streets, at the squares, in taverns-everywhere. So I learned the dances of different regions, to understand the culture which created them, festivals and occasions they were danced for. I learned to understand the rhythm, the great ancient stories,symbols and ceremonies. I never stopped dancing. I am still learning more about our dances, our mythology, philosophy. I learn and teach with direct practical, sensual and spiritual experience.

Meeting people out of other countries and cultures, seeing how they danced, I learned a lot more than academically and intellectual scientists ever will find out. In My workshops with people in Greece and in many other countries and through film and television, I pass on what I have learned."

For Information Please write to:
Vassilis Giakoumis
84400 Parikia, Paros Greece
Tel/Fax (011302) 8421160
81104 Mantamados, Lesvos, Greece
Tel/Fax (011302) 5361511

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